Super bikes and Helicopters


In South Africa there are tens of thousand of people who participate in adventure sports and extreme sports or who have a hazardous occupation. Unfortunately the majority of these sportsmen are unaware that their insurance policies and medical aids usually carry exclusions for their activities, and they are not fully covered. Alternatively, if sportsmen are lucky enough to get cover for their sports; it usually comes with excessive premiums.

Extreme Insurance helps sportsmen solve these problems.

Our services include thoroughly checking current polices with the relevant underwriters as well as advising on, and marketing insurance products that fully cover our clientele.

Extreme Insurance provides specialist insurance consultancy for all forms of extreme sports, extreme activities and hazardous occupations such as:

Skydiving, Parachuting, Sky Surfing,
BASE Jumping, Paragliding, Hangliding
Aerobatics, Exhibition flying, Crop Dusting
Scuba Diving, Potholing, Caving, Snorkeling
Microlighting, Gyropcopters, Gliding, Ballooning
Absailing, Parasailing, Canoeing, Hunting, Rafting
Powerboat Racing, Water Ski Racing, Yacht Cruising
Student Pilots, Helicopter Pilots, PPL, Airline Pilots, Pilots
Bungee Jumping, Horse Riding, Kite Surfing, Mountain Biking
Police Reservists, Jockeys, Herpetologists, Professional Sportsmen
Quad Biking, Enduro Racing, Super Bikes, Off Road Racing, Motorsport
Modified Saloons, Hot Rods, Drag Racing, Stock Cars, Go- Karts, Formula Vee
Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Sport Climbing, Bouldering, International Mountaineering Expeditions

Because we deal primarily with sportsmen, we have secured excellent relationships with all of the major insurance and reassurance companies in South Africa. It is for this reason, together with our understanding of the technicalities involved, that we can get our “extreme” clientele the best rates and the best products available.

Extreme Insurance is not an insurance company. We are a company that advises sportsmen and women and those involved in hazardous occupations on insurance products available in the South African market. We consult with our clients and identify products that are best suited to their particular needs.

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