As a sportsman, analyzing your insurance portfolio is one of the most important things you could do for the following reasons:


Old polices (over 5 years)

New age policies

Life cover

· Usually does NOT cover sports
· Should always get proof in writing

· Can stipulate that sport is covered

Disability cover

· Only protects against occupation
· Thus limits claims
· Disability claims reduces life cover
· Disability expires at age 50 or 55
· Disability cover is not protected against             extreme sports

· Protects against occupation and physical   impairment
· Disability cover available as a stand        alone policy
· Cover expires at age 65 or 70
· Disability is protected against extreme     sports

Disease cover

· Usually expires at age 65
· Not comprehensive cover
· Can only claim once
· Reduces life cover

· Cover is for whole of life
· Fully comprehensive cover
· Multiple claims
· Wont reduce life cover

Income Insurance

· Not protected against extreme sports

· Can get protection against extreme        sports


· Mixture of investment and risk
· Premiums work out more expensive

· Risk only premium
· Because premiums only have risk            portion, they are cheaper

Surrender Values

· Older polices have cash free surrender values

· New age policies will never have               surrender values

Life Company

Old/ Traditional Policy

New Age Policy

Old Mutual

Flexi Universal


Discovery Life


The Discovery Life Plan


The One Policy for Life Cover


Liberty Life

Universal Lifestyle, Penta Plus, GRL

Lifestyle Protector

Momentum Life



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Get a summary of exactly how much you are paying and what your benefits are.
Get confirmation in writing from your insurance companies, stating exactly what sports you are covered, and          not covered for.
Get up to 5 comparisons with new age insurance quotes.

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