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The real purpose of a hospital plan is to protect a person in the event of a major illness, or a medical emergency, that requires hospitalization. These events are unforeseen and unpredictable, and no matter how hard we may try to save for such a possibility there is a possibility that the funds we have would be insufficient.

Pure hospital plans cover a person while they are in hospital only, while medical aids cover a person’s day-to-day out-of-hospital costs.

South Africa has about 160 medical schemes totalling around 7 million beneficiaries. Not all medical schemes are open to the public. In fact, of the 160 medical schemes, only about 40 are open to the public.

A good hospital plan medical aid is the basis of any solid financial plan because these costs could be the biggest that a person could ever face.

Extreme Sports and Medical cover

Not all hospital plans and medical aids cover claims as a result of extreme sports.

As a result of these exclusions, medical expenses may have to be paid from the member’s pocket even though he has been paying his premiums. These expenses could range from a bill of a few hundred Rand, but if there is a serious injury, the amounts owed could be astronomical.

In order to find out if your policy is covered for your extreme sport, or if you are interested in getting more information, please contact Extreme Insurance.

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