A 4x4 is built for pleasure – cross-country drives in the Karoo, off road in the national parks and Southern Africa's beautiful terrains. However, like any other motor vehicle, your four wheeler needs some sort of insurance, and that's where 4x4 insurance comes in.

4x4 insurance usually falls under a special category policy designed for owners who'd like to take advantage of what the various car insurers offer. A car insurance company like Budget Insurance for example, explains that with their 4x4 and SUV comprehensive cover, you can claim for accidental damage to your off-road vehicle, or if it is stolen. And like any other comprehensive insurance policy, third parties are covered in the event that you cause harm to them or their property. And some, like First For Women Insurance put emphasis on the role of females as better drivers, even when off-roading, thus very favourable 4x4 insurance quotes for the ladies.

A growing number of car insurance companies are embracing this type of insurance because of a fast-growing trend to buy 4x4s and SUVs. True, these cars cost a whole of a lot of money, but the costs of insuring them doesn't have to be as sky high. In fact, with so may options to choose from when you get an online insurance quote from a site like this one, you're spoiled for choice about which insurer to choose.

Unlike other insurance policies, 4x4 insurance comes only as a comprehensive policy. Another common theme among the various insurers is the cover you get while travelling outside South Africa. Given that you drive your 4x4 not only on adventures in South Africa, but beyond our borders, it makes sense that the policy extends to other SABC countries. These countries include Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, and as far north as Uganda. That's good news, so a safari in Kruger National Park, immediately followed by one in the Sarangeti suddenly seems amazing knowing that you are covered. You can puncture a tyre, or need roadside assistance, and you will be able to claim that on your policy.

Generally, 4x4 insurance is more costly than other types of car insurance, but it's still a better option than just normal insurance cover that may not cover you on the event of that you damage your car during one of your off-roading trips.

The following are the usual benefits of 4x4 insurance from South African car insurance companies –

Roadside assistance
Medical expenses are covered should something happen to you while driving
Tracking device installed on your 4x4 or SUV
Third party cover of up to R20 million
Accessories insurance
Policy covers you in SADC countries

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